March 31, 2014

Campfire in the City Saturday!

Missing camp yet? Have no fear, Campfire in the City is here! This Saturday from 3:30-5:30 at Magnuson Park Camps Colman and Orkila are joining forces with the University YMCA to put on a traditional campfire! We'll play games outside, roast marshmallows, and put on a real campfire! Prepare a skit or other campfire act, or just sit back and enjoy the show with friends and family! We hope to see you there! Adult supervision is required.

To RSVP for you and your family, click here!

Do you have books that you'd like to donate to camp? We're accepting donations so more kids can read while at camp! Please bring whatever you have to the campfire. We can't wait to see you there!

Directions: Join us behind The Brig at Warren G Magnuson Park. From Sandpoint Way NE, take the 74th St. entrance into the park. The Brig will be on the left, past Building #30. There is parking around the Brig and a large parking lot across 74th St.

March 20, 2014

YRL Movie Night!

Last night, our Year Round Leaders got together and watched the documentary Miss Representation. The documentary takes a critical look at how women are portrayed in the media and their lack of representation in influential positions in the US. With great snacks and great conversation, we had a GREAT evening! Thanks for coming, YRL's :)

February 10, 2014

Winter Camp: Season 2. "Camp Just isn't the same without you..."

The new season of Orkila: Winter Camp is starting now! Stay tuned to our blog for new episodes over the coming weeks! Camp just isn't the same without you.

January 21, 2014

YRL's are having a blast!

Why does a Year Round Leader do in the cold of winter? Have tons of fun, of course! Here's a little glimpse of what it's like to be a YRL:
1. They like to play games!

2. They like to show their creative side.

3. They like to "unlock" the door to new possibilites!

And coolest of all...
4. They love giving back to their community!
 (That white sheet of paper is a certificate that YRL's got for helping pack over 9,000 pounds of food and other items that will be donated to communites around Washington state!)
Want to learn more about Year Round Leaders? Check out our blog and like us on Facebook!

January 15, 2014

Share Your Story!

What's your expedition story? That's what we'd like to know! As the second part of the Share Your Story series we want you to share an experience you or someone you know had while on an expedition, whether it be a one day island trip or the month long Islanders adventure, let us know!

Head over to our Facebook page and tell us your story!

Share Your Story | Expeditions from Camp Orkila on Vimeo.

January 14, 2014

Staff Sound-Off: Julie

It rarely rains here at Camp Orkila, but can you still have fun if it does? Counselor Julie answers that and more in this Staff Sound-Off!

Staff Sound Off | Julie from Camp Orkila on Vimeo.

January 8, 2014

Call Night Training

It's January, which means we are getting ready for our Annual Campaign! Starting next week, we will be making calls and sharing our love of camp with the world. Before our kick-off, we wanted to share why we give to camp, and also get some good practice in for our beautiful phone voices.

"Called myself up on the phone, just to hear that golden tone..."
We can't wait for Kick-Off next week to send more kids to camp!

December 5, 2013

OTC in Downtown Seattle

Last night, our Year Round Leaders dedicated the evening to music. We started things off with our new favorite name game, where the person in the middle points to someone in the circle, that person has to crouch down, and the two on either side race to see who can name the other one first.

Our leaders of the night, Gabe and Adam, then lead us in a rousing game of Musical Chairs, followed by a competition where 4 teams went against each other to see who could guess the title and band of a song that was played. We finished off in a circle, where we sang songs from the Orkila Tabernacle Choir songbook, like we do in the summer at the end of every campfire.

The Blanket Song, Jet Plane, Country Roads and many more were sung harmoniously as we shared songbooks and held up however many fingers to show what we wanted to hear next. After singing some of our favorite tunes and envisioning an Orkila sunset, we ended OTC with our traditional closing song, "Orkila, Orkila" and culminated the evening with a values session.

Thanks for an incredible gathering, YRL's! See you next week!

November 11, 2013

YRL's Doing Service!

This weekend, our Year Round Leaders helped create a green space by pulling out blackberry roots, ivy vines, and planting trees! There was great teamwork, delicious food, and creative names given to the new plant families. Thanks for your hard work and beaming energy, YRL's!
Pulling these roots out takes a lot of strength and encouragement!
Pulling out ivy can be quite the task, but good teamwork can untangle and pull those vines out of the ground!
Thanks for a great day, y'all!

October 31, 2013

Teen Leadership Level 4 and 5 Applications Due!

Calling all Teens! 
What are your plans this summer? Tomorrow is the deadline for our Level 4 or 5 Leadership program applications.
If Counselors in Training, Islanders, Orkila International or Orkila Summer Intern is something you would like to be a part of, apply now!

October 24, 2013

Meet 2013 CIT Isabel!

One of Camp Orkila's leadership opportunities is the Counselor-In-Training Program - a 4-week intensive experience for a group of teens to grow as camp leaders, a community, and confident individuals! Are you interested in doing CIT? Then check out the CIT Blog! Applications are due by November 1!

Meet Isabel, a CIT from last summer!

Hey Isabel! What is your history at Orkila? How long have you been coming?
I've been going to Orkila every summer since I was nine! It's one of my favorite places, and every summer there's always something new and exciting.

Wow! That's a lot of years! Last year you were a CIT. What was one of your highlights of the CIT Program?
My highlight of my CIT experience was definitely unit week. It was awesome to feel like a counselor and be a role model for younger kids. Meeting new people and making tons of great memories was also one of the things I loved!

Cool! And now that you have accomplished a summer as a CIT, we see that you are applying to be an Orkila Summer Intern. Why are you applying?
I am applying for the OSI program because I love working with kids, and spending the summer at Orkila with amazing and dedicated people.

It sounds like you would have an awesome summer! And our final question for you is... What is your favorite meal at Camp Orkila?
My favorite meal is for sure taco night. Yum!

We agree. Yum! Thanks Isabel!

YRL Kick Off!

Last night was a momentous occasion, because the 2013-2014 Year-Round Leadership year kicked off! Last night we played games, ate great food, met new camp friends, and came up with a name for ourselves... Tape Squad!

If you participated in one of our many Teen Leadership Programs last summer, you are welcome to still register for a fun year of YRLs by calling in at 206-382-5009!

October 16, 2013

Meet OSI & YRL Lauren!

Camp Orkila has an amazing array of Teen Leadership Programs! Meet Lauren, a phenomenal Orkila teen who is pumped to talk about the Year-Round Leadership (YRL) Program and the Orkila Summer Internship (OSI)!

Hey Lauren! Last summer your were an OSI. Too cool! How was the OSI Program? What was one of your favorite aspects?
Being an OSI was awesome. I got a look at how camp runs, which as a previous camper was really cool. My favorite part of being an OSI was making a difference in kids' lives just like a paid staff would.
Rad! We are so happy that you had such a wonderful experience. Now that you are back in Seattle, you have decided to be a YRL! Also really cool. Why have you decided to be a YRL?
I've decided to do YRL because I want that piece of camp that I love back at home. I'm excited to be a leader in my own community.
Sounds awesome Lauren. Hey, can you tell us your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is definitely a sloth mixed with a tiger.
Of course! Thanks Lauren! See ya at YRL!
Interested in YRLs? Registration closes Friday! You can find more information on the YRL Blog.
Interested in OSI or any other Teen Leadership Program? The deadline to apply is November 1! Check out the OSI Blog!

October 8, 2013

10 Days Left to Register! YRLs!

Do you miss camp? Do you wish that you could continue camp all year? Are you a teen who lives in the Seattle area? Then you are in luck! Join the Year-Round Leadership (YRL) Program!

One of last year's YRL Crew!

The YRL Program is a way for teens to stay connected to camp through community, leadership, and service in the Seattle area. For more information and to register, you can visit the YRL Blog! But do hurry, registration closes October 18th!

September 26, 2013

Above, 6th grade students from Mill Creek Elementary School climb on the outside of Camp Orkila's Challenge Tower. They are belayed by a group of their peers standing below, their hands held firmly onto the ropes as the students climb up as high as the choose.