July 27, 2014

Session 4 Arrival

Session 4 campers are here and ready for a great week at camp!

Session 3 Slideshow

Check out the slideshow from an awesome week at camp. Thanks Session 3!

July 26, 2014

Magic at Camp

A local Orcas Island magician, Matthew Laslo, came to camp to amaze campers and staff. 

July 20, 2014

July 14, 2014

Session 2 All Camp Event

Here is a short video of campers having a great time at All Camp Event last night.

July 13, 2014

Session 2 Arrival

Session 2 has begun! Here is this weeks arrival video. Check back for more photos and videos this week!

Session 1 Slideshow

Check out all the fun campers had during our first session at camp!

July 7, 2014

Session 1 Arrival Video

Session 1 is well on it's way! Here is the arrival video from the first day of summer 2014 at Orkila.

June 22, 2014

Teen Staff Getting to Work

Our 2014 expedition staff is getting ready for trips and for campers to get here. They spent the whole day yesterday in the water learning skills, safety protocol, and team bonding. 

June 13, 2014

Camp from the Air

A rainy morning at camp has turned out to be a beautiful day! 21 days until campers are here. 

June 2, 2014

Musical Open Rec!!!

Hi, Howdy and Hallelujah!

We've got some fun and exciting news from our Spring Outdoor Environmental Education program.
I'll give you a hint... it has to do with making sounds, so sweet and silly, trying your hand (or foot) at keeping a rhythm, and perhaps even giggling with glee.

Yup! You guessed it! (or maybe you didn't and that's okay too) We now have a Music Station at open rec time. Students are jamming out together with drums, tambourines, penny whistles, harmonicas, vocals, guitar, ukulele and whatever else they can think of. It is so great to watch because you can just see the fun and creativity flowing from these kids! When there are not so many folks around, some students get individualized guitar lessons.

We sure are excited about this new addition to our Open Rec time, allowing for more creative and collaborative activities in addition to our wily and active Open Rec stations.

I just have one question for you now... How will you inspire creativity and collaboration?

May 2, 2014

Fun Happenings in The Marine Salmon Center

Great things are happening in The Marine Salmon Center this spring season!!! What kinds of great things are happening?... you might be asking yourself... Are the instructors turning into Salmon? Are the hermit crabs crawling out of the touch tank and performing educational musicals for all of the students? 

Well... Not quite, but we now have a Marine Specialist, Brett Jensen who is working hard to make The Marine Salmon Center, and really all things to do with water and aquatic creatures at camp, AWESOME! 

First of all, after many of our salmon became a lipsmacking dinner for a hungry river otter this winter, we just restocked the salmon pond with a fresh batch of Coho and Chinook salmon frye. 

Second, we are growing bull kelp nereocystis luetkeana in our jewel tanks to demonstrate different types of biomes present in the San Juan Archipelago. 

Lastly, some staff and students conducted a species biodiversity survey of our eelgrass ecosystem along the shores of Camp Orkila by wading through the water by our dock at low tide while dragging a seine net and through the eelgrass. One teacher from Christ the King School pronounced that she had been coming to Camp Orkila for several years and this was the coolest thing that she had ever seen! What an opportunity for students to get involved in science and exploration! 

 Photo taken by: Anna Mueller

What did they find??? 310 living creatures! Holy Smokes! Some of the abundant species include: tubesnout fish, pipe fish, three-point stickleback fish, saddleback, crescent, and penpoint gunnel fish, lion nudibranchs, grass shrimp and delicate kelp crabs.

Photo taken by: Anna Mueller

What do you notice about a lot of the animals in the tub above? One thing we noticed was that a lot of them are long, green or brown, and thin... but why? If you think about where they live (in the eelgrass - also long, thin and green/brown)... They are trying to camouflage! Nature sure is neato!

Can't wait to update y'all with some more fun happenings around Camp Orkila soon! 

Until then, if you want to keep yourself updated on the current events of the local marine world, take a peak at this article: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/mysterious-epidemic-devastates-starfish-population-pacific-coast/#.Uu0LB_C2M6A.facebook

If you take a trip to the beach, keep your eyes out for seastars. If you see any sick looking ones, you can take a picture and post it with #sickseastar or you can report it to the department of fish and wildlife at  (360) 902-2700.  

So long and happy beach walking!

April 26, 2014

March 31, 2014

Campfire in the City Saturday!

Missing camp yet? Have no fear, Campfire in the City is here! This Saturday from 3:30-5:30 at Magnuson Park Camps Colman and Orkila are joining forces with the University YMCA to put on a traditional campfire! We'll play games outside, roast marshmallows, and put on a real campfire! Prepare a skit or other campfire act, or just sit back and enjoy the show with friends and family! We hope to see you there! Adult supervision is required.

To RSVP for you and your family, click here!

Do you have books that you'd like to donate to camp? We're accepting donations so more kids can read while at camp! Please bring whatever you have to the campfire. We can't wait to see you there!

Directions: Join us behind The Brig at Warren G Magnuson Park. From Sandpoint Way NE, take the 74th St. entrance into the park. The Brig will be on the left, past Building #30. There is parking around the Brig and a large parking lot across 74th St.

March 20, 2014

YRL Movie Night!

Last night, our Year Round Leaders got together and watched the documentary Miss Representation. The documentary takes a critical look at how women are portrayed in the media and their lack of representation in influential positions in the US. With great snacks and great conversation, we had a GREAT evening! Thanks for coming, YRL's :)