May 29, 2017

Under beautiful spring sunshine, Camp Orkila welcomed Memorial Day Family Campers for a fun filled weekend. Over 370 people arrived at Orkila Friday afternoon to begin a weekend’s worth of wonderful adventure.

We put smiles on campers faces all weekend long with our many different activities. Campers challenged themselves on our zip line, giant swing, circuit, and double N traverses. We had face painting in our Marine Salmon Center as well as kids getting to use our touch tank to better explore marine invertebrates. Beyond the M.S.C. campers got to experience the lowest tides of the year at -3 feet! Our beach was filled various kinds of marine life for campers to explore in their natural habitat. Campers got their creativity on in pottery and arts and crafts, and had smiles as wide as the blue sky this weekend doing all these different things.

This was one of the weekends where we did some other things for the first time this season. We had campers under the age of 3 so we got to do some really fun Pre K. arts and crafts! After roasting s’mores at our camp fire, Campers got to set sail their wish boats! These were boats made from anything found in nature, so as to not litter or hurt the environment, and then finished with a wish. After the campfire we set the boats to sail out into the Salish Sea! Since the weather was so beautiful and the floating dock is in, we got to do our first Dock Jump of the year too! We were happy to provide these unique activities for or family campers this weekend.

Overall, it was a weekend filled with laughter, smiles, challenges, sunshine, and lots of walking. We thank everyone for coming out. We are looking forward to providing all of this next year for our annual Memorial Day Family Camp!

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