August 22, 2011

Campy Arts Photojournalism Workshop

As a part of the Campy Arts program at Camp Orkila, campers get the opportunity to work with digital photography. This morning, the Session 8 Campy Arts campers participated in a photojournalism workshop, where they wrote and created their own stories, then took digital photos to accompany the stories. Here is an example:

PAINTVILLE, By Tara (Age 12) and Elise (Age 10)

"One Day in Paintville, all the paint bottles were really excited because they wanted the fame of winning the race. The day before the race, Little Blue, like always, was being teased about how small and wimpy he was. But the worst part was that he too was entering the race, and the teasing was awful. When he woke up the next morning he was more nervous than ever. Little Blue even walked out the door to the laughing of bullies. He stood on the starting point, even doubting himself. When the announcer said "GO", Little Blue tripped right over the line. He could hear the competitors laughing. How was he supposed to make it? Then three fourths of the way through the race, something super unexpected happened. He won the race because of the storm."

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