September 27, 2011


Meal times at camp can be chaotic, delicious, confusing, exciting, and inspirational. During Fall and Spring Outdoor Environmental Education (OEE) there is also a historic and prestigious honour that can be earned by any school group who dares to take on the challenge...

ORT is a small morsel of uneaten food left on a plate. During OEE we collect and weigh all of the ORT and announce the total at the end of each meal in the "ORT report." We encourage every school group to minimize food waste as their visit progresses. The energy required to grow, process, package, ship and cook food all the way out on Orcas Island is substantial and we want to be as responsible for our choices as we can be.

Most schools improve as the week goes on, but there are a few who make no improvement. How is this possible you wonder? Well, some schools are ORT free at their very first meal and have thus begun their quest toward OEE immortality. Any school who goes ORT free during their entire stay will have their name etched (with Sharpie) into the...


Since the 2006 season an average of only 4 school groups have made it onto the Golden Hog Log per season. Camp Orkila is proud to announce the first inductees onto the Golden Hog Log of the 2011 Fall Season. Mt. Vernon Christian School was ORT FREE during their 3-day visit last week. Mt. Vernon Christian had been ORT free 5 consecutive years before a slip up last year, but now they are back into the Hall of Fame ranks.

Congrats to Mt. Vernon Christian school as well as all the other schools for their incredible efforts to make conscious and healthy choices in the dining hall.

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