December 11, 2011

Staff Spotlight: Kelly Heusinkveld

Hi! My name is Kelly Heusinkveld! Some people call me Hoos because my last name is pretty long. I am from Boise, Idaho. The last two summers, I’ve worked with teenagers in Orkila’s Leadership Development Institute. Currently, I work with teens in Orkila’s new Year-Round Camp Leadership Program. This summer I am super excited to work with our teen programs. Something to know about me is that I have never gotten to do “get wet, get dirty” at Orkila. I can’t wait to do it this summer, and I hope you will join me! I would love hear what you are looking forward to this summer, and how you would like to be involved in Orkila during the non-summer months. Give me a call at 206.382.5009 or email me at

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