May 24, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Elena Good

The YMCA Camp Orkila Staff Spotlight Series was out on an adventure for a while, details to come in the next post. But now we're back! And what better way to return to the blog than with an introduction of Elena Good? As you'll read, EG has been racking up campitude points for quite some time, and we are super lucky to have her join the staff this year! 

But first, POP QUIZ! which person in the photo is Elena? Read the "wood cookies" or "wookies" (name tags) if you need assistance. Too small to read? Come to camp to find out!   

Elena Good
Orkila, Orkila: What is your history with camp? What units were you in as a camper, and what have you done as a staff member? What will you be doing this year?
EG: This will be my 11th summer at Orkila. I was a Goode, Hoodoo, Sahale, Turtleback twice, Mt O, LDI, CIT, and LDI 2.0. Last summer I was an OSI and this summer I am super stoked to be coming back as a counselor!

Orkila, Orkila: What have you been up to this year? Where are you right now!?
EG: This year I started my first year at California Polytechnic State University, studying architectural engineering, which means lots of crazy projects (I am currently working on a 9-foot hamster wheel that my group will roll into a canyon and sleep in next weekend). I have also been travelling around California a lot with my ultimate Frisbee team, but I am currently sitting at my desk in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California.

Orkila, Orkila: What's your favorite part of camp and what keeps you coming back?
EG: My favorite part about camp is the campers. I love hearing their hilarious stories at meals and rocking out to their favorite jams. I love getting them super excited for activities and I especially love seeing them challenge themselves and grow throughout the week.
I keep coming back to Orkila because I want to give kids the amazing experiences that I had as a camper. Growing up at Orkila has instilled values in me that have really shaped me and I want to share those with others. Also, camp is just super fun!

Orkila, Orkila: Why can't you ride "my little red wagon?"
EG: Upon inspection, I think you may have some structural flaws in the design, and I don’t think the color really goes with my friend Pat’s rickabamboo (it’s red and gold and purple too, you know). But mostly, it’s because your front wheel is broken and the axle is dragging.

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