September 14, 2012

OEE Is Back In Action!

Camp Orkila would like to offically welcome back all its wonderful, talented, creative, hilarious, and of course, instructive OEE Instructors. After their time away from the hustle and bustle of Camp Orkila's Outdoor Environmental Education, these fine people are ready to get back in the action! Take a look for yourself!

 Here is the lovely Ms. Emily holding a rather large, well shaped stick. What is she doing with this stick? She is getting ready to instruct young minds on how to build a geodesic dome! Mr. Buckmister Fuller would be quite proud!

Wood is hard at work here in the Program Office - good thing he has on his one of a kind, Wood-sized helmet (really the only helmet that will fit over all those dreds), to protect him from all that ardous computer work. Just kidding!

Now here is a picture perfect moment of the true spirit of OEE. Look at all thoes rapt young individules ready to take in all the knowledge Austin has to impart upon them! Wonderful!
And here is Jordan; a wonderful teacher, to be sure, yet it seems as though summer has taken a toll on his knot tying ability. No worries! It's like riding a bike, but a little more floppy.

Like I said, OEE is back in action and we are all super thrilled about it!

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