February 2, 2013

New Camp Orkila Country Store

After many years of service the Orkila Country Store is being replaced.  While many of us are sad to see the funky, well-used, fern roofed and much loved store go it had just become to run-down to save.

Demolition and construction will start next week, but before we tear it down for good we thought the new Orcas Island Fire recruits might get some training in.  On the day they were here it was too windy to burn, but they did practice their ax and chain saw techniques.

Enjoy the photos below and check in on this blog every few weeks for construction updates.

The New Store will be in the same location
New Store Floor Plan
New Store Front Elevation
Front elevation with Norman Lodge in the background

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  1. My boys' first camp experience was at Camp Orkila last summer, and they are returning this summer. I was there this weekend at a quilting retreat, and was sad to see the Camp Store in its half-demolished state...but being a tru optimist, a took a couple shingles from the roof, complete with their three inch deep moss garden, to bring home to the boys for a terrarium. A little piece of Orkila at home!