December 5, 2013

OTC in Downtown Seattle

Last night, our Year Round Leaders dedicated the evening to music. We started things off with our new favorite name game, where the person in the middle points to someone in the circle, that person has to crouch down, and the two on either side race to see who can name the other one first.

Our leaders of the night, Gabe and Adam, then lead us in a rousing game of Musical Chairs, followed by a competition where 4 teams went against each other to see who could guess the title and band of a song that was played. We finished off in a circle, where we sang songs from the Orkila Tabernacle Choir songbook, like we do in the summer at the end of every campfire.

The Blanket Song, Jet Plane, Country Roads and many more were sung harmoniously as we shared songbooks and held up however many fingers to show what we wanted to hear next. After singing some of our favorite tunes and envisioning an Orkila sunset, we ended OTC with our traditional closing song, "Orkila, Orkila" and culminated the evening with a values session.

Thanks for an incredible gathering, YRL's! See you next week!

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