June 2, 2014

Musical Open Rec!!!

Hi, Howdy and Hallelujah!

We've got some fun and exciting news from our Spring Outdoor Environmental Education program.
I'll give you a hint... it has to do with making sounds, so sweet and silly, trying your hand (or foot) at keeping a rhythm, and perhaps even giggling with glee.

Yup! You guessed it! (or maybe you didn't and that's okay too) We now have a Music Station at open rec time. Students are jamming out together with drums, tambourines, penny whistles, harmonicas, vocals, guitar, ukulele and whatever else they can think of. It is so great to watch because you can just see the fun and creativity flowing from these kids! When there are not so many folks around, some students get individualized guitar lessons.

We sure are excited about this new addition to our Open Rec time, allowing for more creative and collaborative activities in addition to our wily and active Open Rec stations.

I just have one question for you now... How will you inspire creativity and collaboration?

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