January 13, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Dominic Vellucci

Hello everyone, my name is Dom Vellucci and I'm really excited to be coming back to this community. I worked with Camp Orkila in 2010 as an environmental educator and Leadership Development Institute (LDI) instructor, and have filled similar roles in other camps in Michigan and Pennsylvania. I come from upstate New York, where I studied agriculture, managed a couple farms, and taught garden-based learning to elementary schools in New York City. I also volunteered for a therapeutic horse-riding program in NY, but I don't know how to ride horses yet. Perhaps someone here will teach me. It's great to be back in Washington and I look forward to seeing lots of new faces as well as some familiar ones, too. No, I didn't just come back for gaga ball, but it was a factor. I am honored to help Orkila continue making great traditions, and am sure that you will all help me do the same. And I apologize in advance if you are hit with one of my juggling clubs, just practicing!

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