March 19, 2012

Places at Camp Orkila!

What are your favorite palaces at Camp Orkila? The Larry Norman Lodge? The Pier? How about the Gaga Pit? Those are some of my most favorite places around camp! I've made this handy-dandy crossword puzzle to help you figure out what the rest of my favorite places are!

Have fun and good luck!


2. An 8 sided place where it's deadly if the ball touches your legs!

5. Meet here before meals for Line Up!

7. It's very tall and between two trees.

8. Learn to make lanyards here!

11. What you ride to get to Orcas Island.

12. A great place to have a value session.


1. Where everyone sleeps at night.

3. Songs, skits and laughs!

4. It's new and super fast!

6. Where the teens live during the summer!

9. Launch fun-yaks from ____ _______!

10. Where we all eat!

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