March 26, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Tessa Nesbit

Welcome to the continuation of our 2012 Staff Spotlight Series! Periodically we will introduce you to 1 of the amazing people who will be at camp on the 2012 Summer Staff. If you see someone you know here--and especially if you see someone you don't know--be sure to clap your hands and twinkle your fingers as we keep getting ready for an awesome season.

This week, we are proud to announce the return of the one, the only... Tessa Nesbit!

Orkila: So Tessa, we're all dying to know, what's your history with camp? What will you be doing this year?
Tessa: This will be my 9th summer at Camp Orkila! I can't get enough of this magical place. My grandpa was even a counselor here! My first summers at camp were spent being an Olympian in Mt. O, and then moving on to the teen programs, Leadership Development Instituted (LDI) and Counselor In Training (CIT). As a staff member, I've been girly and burly with the Sahales, having way too much fun with the Goodes, lived on the beach with Mt. O and then in the forest with the Loowits. This summer, I am beyond excited to be a Director of the CIT program!

Orkila: And what have you been up to lately? Where are you right now!?
Tessa: After many, many years as a student, I am finally a college graduate! As of March 15 I am a graduate of the University of Washington, and life could not be better! I'm about to embark on an adventure around the West Coast visiting friends, many of who are from camp! If things go well, I'll hopefully start some dork dances, campfires, and face painting along the way. I also hope to bike through the Redwoods, surf in the Pacific, and eat as many avocados as possible. After that, the adventure will continue at Orkila!

Orkila: What’s your favorite part of camp? What keeps you coming back?
Tessa: The people are my favorite part of camp! I've become friends with the most inspirational and amazing people at Orkila, and I have become a better person because of them. From campers to staff, Orkila has such an incredible community! But I have to admit, being able to sing about anything and everything at any time of day also keeps me coming back. Where else can I sing about black socks, made-up words, and princesses!?

Orkila: Thanks Tessa, and in closing, why can’t you ride “my little red wagon”?
Tessa: It's stuck in the swamp after Get Wet Get Dirty!
Mud! Mud! Mud mud mud!!!

Orkila: Mud mud mud!!

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