April 16, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Ben Poor

Not long ago, the Staff Spotlight Series went out for a walk to enjoy the wonderful flowers that are blooming this time of year--such as yellow daffodils, red and white camellias, and others--when we bumped into returning staff member Ben Poor! Ben's a great person that we thought you all would like to meet, and many of you probably already know, so here he is!

Orkila: Ben! Is that you Ben? Since you're here,

I thought I'd ask you a few questions. What's your camp history? What units were you in as a camper, and what have you done as a staff member?

BP: Great questions Camp Orkila! I came to Camp for many years as a Camper, spending at least one summer as a Hoodoo, a Lizardhead, a Greywolf, a Loowit, an LDI kayak trip (Louballas + .5), and a CIT. Two years ago I worked in the Hoodoos and Mt. O as an Orkila Summer Intern, and last summer I fulfilled my heart's desire of being a Greywolf for the whole summer.

Orkila: Other than walking around enjoying the flowers, what have you been up to this year? Where are you right now!?

BP: This year, I started school at Occidental College in LA. This liberal arts schools feels a lot like Camp, especially with all the Orkila alumni I see around campus. I just got back from a beach camping trip to Santa Barbara, where I put many of my camp skills to the test, from games like Ninja to s'mores making, and story-telling around the campfire.

Orkila: What’s your favorite part of camp? And what keeps you coming back?

BP: Value Sessions, by far. I love hearing the personal stories campers tell during value sessions, and also feeling comfortable enough to share my own stories. I really love the feeling that Camp is a safe place where people can share things they wouldn't in other environments. I also love that the feeling of safeness allows people to act outside their comfort zone, from Giant Swings to Get Wet Get Dirty.

Orkila: You know what my last question is going to be, don't you? Well, here it is. Why can't you ride "my little red wagon?"

BP: Oh I sure saw this coming, Orkila. To answer this last question adequately, I prepared a top ten list:

Top Ten Reasons You Can't Ride My Little Red Wagon:

10. It was destroyed by a Pacific Sea Bear 9. You have been touching your face and not washing your hands 8. You only sent in 4 boxtops, 3 coupons, 2 proof of purchases, and one small nickel 7. Gaga Knuckles 6. We left it on Sucia 5. It's on 24 hour quarantine 4. It's the Snazzler 3. It got burned by the spark in a pile of sticks 2. ???1. Profit

Orkila: So true, Ben, there are a lot of different reasons why we can't ride little red wagons. Thanks for the conversation, it was great seeing you. Be sure to smell the flowering cherry trees as you go, their blossoms smell like sweet perfume. We'll see you at camp!

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