April 25, 2013

CIT Spotlight: Serena Southwick

Counselors In Training attend camp for an entire month! A rambunctious group of teens who adore Orkila, they are fun to get to know. Check out Serena!

Congrats on getting into CITs Serena! How long have you been coming to camp?
I've been going to camp since the 7th grade, 3 years before now. I love Orkila because it is easy to make friends there and it is just so fun!

Nice! Out of all those times at camp, do you have a favorite camp meal?
My favorite meal at camp is the tacos!

YUM! A camp favorite for sure. Lots of staff and campers alike have "spirit animals," an animal that mimics their spirit. Do you have one?
Sure! I suppose my spirit animal would be an eagle.

Do you have any advice for future campers?
Be yourself and express yourself because you can make truer friends that way. Also, don't get hit in the face with a gaga ball!

Thanks Serena. We can't wait to see you this summer!

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