October 24, 2013

Meet 2013 CIT Isabel!

One of Camp Orkila's leadership opportunities is the Counselor-In-Training Program - a 4-week intensive experience for a group of teens to grow as camp leaders, a community, and confident individuals! Are you interested in doing CIT? Then check out the CIT Blog! Applications are due by November 1!

Meet Isabel, a CIT from last summer!

Hey Isabel! What is your history at Orkila? How long have you been coming?
I've been going to Orkila every summer since I was nine! It's one of my favorite places, and every summer there's always something new and exciting.

Wow! That's a lot of years! Last year you were a CIT. What was one of your highlights of the CIT Program?
My highlight of my CIT experience was definitely unit week. It was awesome to feel like a counselor and be a role model for younger kids. Meeting new people and making tons of great memories was also one of the things I loved!

Cool! And now that you have accomplished a summer as a CIT, we see that you are applying to be an Orkila Summer Intern. Why are you applying?
I am applying for the OSI program because I love working with kids, and spending the summer at Orkila with amazing and dedicated people.

It sounds like you would have an awesome summer! And our final question for you is... What is your favorite meal at Camp Orkila?
My favorite meal is for sure taco night. Yum!

We agree. Yum! Thanks Isabel!

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