October 16, 2013

Meet OSI & YRL Lauren!

Camp Orkila has an amazing array of Teen Leadership Programs! Meet Lauren, a phenomenal Orkila teen who is pumped to talk about the Year-Round Leadership (YRL) Program and the Orkila Summer Internship (OSI)!

Hey Lauren! Last summer your were an OSI. Too cool! How was the OSI Program? What was one of your favorite aspects?
Being an OSI was awesome. I got a look at how camp runs, which as a previous camper was really cool. My favorite part of being an OSI was making a difference in kids' lives just like a paid staff would.
Rad! We are so happy that you had such a wonderful experience. Now that you are back in Seattle, you have decided to be a YRL! Also really cool. Why have you decided to be a YRL?
I've decided to do YRL because I want that piece of camp that I love back at home. I'm excited to be a leader in my own community.
Sounds awesome Lauren. Hey, can you tell us your spirit animal?
My spirit animal is definitely a sloth mixed with a tiger.
Of course! Thanks Lauren! See ya at YRL!
Interested in YRLs? Registration closes Friday! You can find more information on the YRL Blog.
Interested in OSI or any other Teen Leadership Program? The deadline to apply is November 1! Check out the OSI Blog!

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