June 8, 2011

Prepping for Camp in an Urban Setting: Packing Essentials, Activities

Preface: Orkila is a camp. Wearing costumes everywhere is quite average. Sporting glitter and sequins is much supported. Skits are an everyday occurrence. Getting dirty happens, and with much frequency. Again, Orkila is a camp.

With this being said, there are several key events at Orkila that may make a difference in your packing methods.

The first being our weekly ‘Dork Dances’. Attire for this occasion can be classified as ‘goofy’ or possibly even ‘crazy’ by some, and bright &/or outlandish costumes are highly encouraged.

Need examples? ...Thought you may ask (:

We also have ‘Formal Dinners’ every Friday evening to appreciate our past week’s adventures, new friendships and memories. On this occasion we invite everyone to ‘dress up’ if they wish. This can be in a pretty floral print (as beautifully modeled above) to a button-up and tie if you so desire, but we also welcome typical ‘campy’ type clothes, as there are no requirements for dress (except for the overall Orkila dress code rules for appropriate attire).

Have you heard of ‘Get Wet, Get Dirty’? Well, basically it is what it states: an activity where we run into the sound (or get sprayed down by the hose) and then proceed to jump in mud pits and roll around in dirt laughing, playing, chanting and enjoying the freedom of filth! Bringing something you would love to give some character to would be recommended as only wearing swimsuits is not allowed (and they would be ruined anyway) and clean clothes will in fact, get wet and dirty.

Extra notes: We also have tie dying (so something cotton and pre-washed) and many of our activities (high/low ropes, zip line, giant swing, archery/riflery, horseback riding, rock climbing) require long pants and/or close toed shoes –so these items are important to pack along!

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