June 10, 2011

Staff Spotlight: Jordan!

Staff Spotlight: JORDAN!

Hometown: Lake Forest Park
School: Western WA University

Current Residence: Osprey Deederer

Favorite Color(s): Earth Tones, specifically dark blues, browns and greens

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios -but when his potatoes aren't done properly, he really enjoys a bowl of Rice Crispies at camp

Spirit mode of transportation: Bicycle or Myrtle (the Camp Bus)

Earliest Memory: Watching Darth Vader descend the steps in the carbon freezing chamber in Cloud City on the planet Bespin (from The Empire Strikes Back)

Camp History: this will be his 12 summer! AND taught in Orkila's Outdoor Environmental Education program in the fall and this spring!

Areas of Expertise: Dragons, state collapse and reconstruction, story telling, photography

LOVES: beards, Settlers of Catan, bicycles, coffee, Lady Gaga, Chacos, cycling, Dr. Bronner's, ninjas, glitter, "bicycle" by Queen, camping, camp, Orkila, Orcas Island, biking hats (you know, the ones with the little bills), snapping his fingers, expressing himself, Patagonia down jackets (but not for their water resistance), kayaking

Did you know? That when Jordan was a CIT, he protested to take the jiggle out of Jell-o

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