June 7, 2011

Staff Spotlight: LD!


Hometown: Brockley, London. (No, not the vegetable!)
Fascinating fact: Mother is from Sicily, father is from Jamaica.

Spirit Animal: Michael Jackson
Camp Experience: 4 summers at camp
Favorite Camp Meal: Chicken Patties
Favorite Camp Activity: Giant Swing

LOVES: everything 90s (clothes, music & tv), singing, 800m race, entertaining, making people laugh, mimicking accents, CAMP, sunsets, alumni campfire, travelling (has visited 10 out of 50 states -It's her life-long ambition to put her foot in each state!), playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and aeroplanes! (and it’s a good thing –or else we couldn’t continuously be graced by her presence every summer!)

Claims to fame: singing & her BEAUTIFUL voice, ALWAYS requesting MJ at Dork Dances, being a regular at Orkila open-mic night, Performing skits, her sweet English accent, Dork Dances (ESPECIALLY when MJ and/or 90's-era pop comes on!), leading "Boom Chicka Boom" at line-ups "valley girl style" and introducing the "British style" ("I said a sip a cup of tea")

Why we’re star struck: 1. She’s incredible 2. She once sang with Leona Lewis at a singing competition 3. Sang "Part of your World" from the Little Mermaid for the Mayor of London and his guests 4. Auditioned for X Factor UK and will be on TV in September singing a Gretchen Wilson song

Did you know? She is a Disney Fanatic: All her pets are named after Disney characters - Disney, Bambi, Pongo & Meeko; the Lion King is her favorite film ever, & she can word-for-word lip-sync the whole movie

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