July 11, 2011

Knee High by the 4th (or 11th) of July!

The corn was knee high on the fourth, it's now almost up to my shoulder! It's in a bed with pumpkins and beans. The pumpkins are starting to flower and hopefully we'll have giant pumpkins in time for fall festival!

The tomatoes and zucchinis all have little tiny fruits on them! Which is very exciting, soon we'll all be enjoying fresh tomatoes and zucchini! We're starting to get carrots to eat and the radishes, peas and nasturtiums have been going crazy.

So far we've had 10 summer camp units come up to enjoy tasty tours, The Lorax and some weeding in the garden. Today Mt. O planted a new round of greens! We're looking forward to the next 6 groups of Session 2 who are coming up later this week!

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