July 28, 2011


Carlea and Kate are super-duper excited about eating fresh raspberries! We've been enjoying them for the past 2 weeks! The bird scares that Tyee's 6th graders made during the spring have worked really well; the birds haven't gotten very many.

We have our first sightings of cucumbers! They're so cute and tiny! Soon we'll have lots! They seem to getting along really well with their sunflower friends. St. Brendan's planted both of these for us back in May.

During Session 2, Mt. O planted a new round of greens. Two weeks later, here they are. Once they get a bit bigger, we'll be enjoying them in salads!

It's Zucchini Season! Everyone at camp better have on their zucchini eating pants. There are many little zucchinis, soon to be many big zucchinis.

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