July 26, 2011


Former Summer Camp Director Michael "Pullyou" Pulju & former OEE Site Director Kaitlyn Pulju spent a month of their summer traveling around Europe before they moved to Colorado. Whilst in Europe, they embarked on a 4 day canoeing trip in southern France. During this part of the trip they met up with other Camp Staff Alums, Gigi Craig and Rustle Hearn. In the video below, Pullyou and Rustle do their own rendition of the Orkila Orkila Song.

Then after moving to Colorado, Pullyou randomly bumped into Erica Wormley while hiking Grey Rock Mountain. Erica was part of the A-Team staff in 2009, and it just goes to show Orkila Alums are everywhere! It doesn't hurt to wear your Orkila shirts now and then either :)

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