November 8, 2012

CIT Spotlight: Keirsten!

Will you be 16 this summer? Or do you know someone who will be 16 summer? If so, check out the CIT Program! Each summer Camp Orkila accepts a group of fantastic teens to come to camp for a month. During their time at Orkila, they develop their leadership skills, gain a better understanding of camp, and become part of a strong community of friends.

Keirsten was a CIT last summer, here is what she has to say about camp!

Hey Keirsten! We'd love to hear about your camp experience!
Sounds great! To start, I've been coming to camp for 7 years. At camp, I get to experience a whole new side of myself and test the boundaries of what I thought I couldn't accomplish before. For example, having the responsibility of shadowing a cabin for a week! The kids really look up to you, and it's so weird remembering having that same feeling myself.

That's awesome. How has Camp Orkila and the CIT Program impacted you?
Orkila teaches me to love challenges and trust myself. There are moments when I think something is too difficult or just straight impossible, but being able to look back at July and think of the crazy things I accomplished allows me to really trust myself. For me, it's just a matter of reminding myself there is NOOOO limit to how much happiness and enthusiasm I can give in one day. All of these revelations are because of Orkila! For real!

We love to hear that Keirsten! Now that you're back home, what are some of your favorite memories from this past summer?
Looking back, I think all of my favorite memories as a CIT were spent with the kids. I really found myself based on how I interacted with kids. Being able to find something in common with an 8-year-old  and lose track of time and be totally in the moment is what I found with these kids. It has inspired me to continue this work with kids this school year and I'm loving it!

We bet that you're doing an amazing job! One last question - what is your favorite camp activity?
Dork dances! They are my favorite night of the week at camp! Dork dances are when I just let it all out! I love to dance and to get other people stoked on dancing too!

Woohoo! Thanks so much Keirsten!

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