November 20, 2012

Karla Sings "Country Roads!"

In tune with OTC Appreciation Month (get it!?), Orkila-enthusiast Karla sent us in a video of herself singing John Denver's "Country Roads." Karla has been going to camp for 9 summers! Last summer she was a CIT, and this year she is applying to come back as an OSI!

Thanks Karla for sending us in such a great video! What makes Orkila a special place for you?
Camp is my favorite place in the world because I move around so much and camp is the one place that's always there. Even if the people there are a little different every time, I find that they're always wonderful and happy people. Camp is my home.

That is wonderful that camp means that much to you. Why did you choose to sing "Country Roads?"
Honestly, I recorded myself singing almost every camp song and then picked that one! Haha! I guess I just like the song and I relate to it because I miss the states which is my home! :)

Thanks Karla!

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