November 26, 2012

OSI Spotlight: Sam!

Have you ever wanted to gain a deeper understanding of camp, from behind-the-scenes to creating camp magic for a camper? Each summer 40 passionate 17-year-olds are accepted into the Orkila Summer Internship Program and they get to do just that!

Here is what Sam, an OSI from last summer, has to say about being an OSI and Camp Orkila!

 Hey Sam! Tell us about all your good times at Orkila!
I have been going to camp for nine years and I have continued to come back to camp not only for the kids who return year after year (I love to watch them grow up!), but I also come back for myself. I consistently return home after camp a more centered and better person every year. It is a place where I can be me and enjoy every moment of it.

That is wonderful to hear. Is there any highlight you have from last summer as an OSI?
There is no one moment that was the "highlight" of my OSI experience, but every so often I would get this feeling that Orkila was exactly where I was supposed to be in a that moment. That was a really great feeling and I hope I will be able to feel that sense of rightness wherever I go now. Camp set the bar pretty high!

We love that feeling too. Is there something that you learned from being an OSI that you would like to share with us?
Ok, this is going to sound cheesy, but it's actually true. I learned through the OSI program that every person comes from a different background and has different perspectives in various situations. What may be no problem for one camper is a huge stretch for another.

So true. To finish things off, what is your all-time favorite camp song!?
My favorite camp song is the Moose and Juice song. I love teaching it to the girls in my cabin!

Thanks Sam!

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