May 6, 2011

Prepping for Camp in an Urban Setting: Operation #1 - Wreckage Skills

While in the YMCA of Greater Seattle office downtown, KT and I have been feeling a tad anxious for Camp as these summer months approach us, and have come to the conclusion that we probably are not alone in this sentiment. Using the blog as an outlet, we have decided to put together a series of posts in which we will show you where camp can be found and enjoyed, as well as how to get properly prepared, in an urban setting, for summer 2011!

Boundaries/things to consider:

Stick to your department (elevator is fair game if unoccupied –but use precaution when entering/exiting & the interchange of floors);

Only willing participants shall be sought after (if Carrie is on the phone putting through a registration, pegging her is the same as a headshot);

Use your surroundings/equipment (note in this order: reduce, reuse & recycle) but think outside the box (Ex: the promptness of a ball being sent via fax vs. snail mail –will either method catch someone so off guard that in a state of shock they drop the ball?);

Build a shelter or find a shield mechanism –consider looking in closets (that are yours), storage rooms (that are yours), and under desks (that are yours).

Final notes:
Be stealth. Be professional. Be on your lunch break. :)

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