May 10, 2011

Staff Spotlight: Damon!

Hometown: Everett, WA
School: Everett Seagulls!

Loves: to dance (was one of those babies that would dance to ANY music –just bobbin away!), sports (played baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, cross country), kids (hence camp...) & medicine (wants to be a pediatrician)!

Spirit animal: wolf
Favorite color: BLUE.
Favorite food: Coconut cream pie
Favorite movie: Spirited Away
Favorite song: “Don't stop believing” –Journey

Y involvement: 1st camp experience was in ’07 and has been working as a group leader at the South Sound YCMA since summertime

Favorite Camp Activity: DORK DANCES (he’s probably bustin’ a move right now!)

Sweet skills: Damon knows almost every name of everyone from last summer's staff, and of all the people he works with in Olympia now!!

Did you know? Damon can square ANY 2-digit number in his head, UNDER 20 SECONDS (and is working on 3-digit ones!)!?

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