May 4, 2011

Screaming Toes refresher :)

This infamous camp game is a wonderful game of surprise & excitement, can be enjoyed in an assortment of spaces (outside preferred for noise precautions), & is typically played in its classic or ultimate form.

To play classic: Begin with forming a circle, shoulder to shoulder, with your group. Everyone begins by looking at their own toes & then as a counselor (& the group can chime in also) says "screeeeeaaaaaaming toes" everyone looks at someone else's toes & rhythmically along with the chant looks up to the person across the circle whose toes they were checkin out. If anyone is making eye contact with another participant, both players scream in unison & step out of the circle. The group tightens & the game continues on to another round. Once there are one or two people left in the circle the game is over

To play ultimate: Begin in the same fashion: form a tight circle, find someone else's toes, etc... If anyone's eyes connect, both players scream until one runs out of breath. The player that lasts the longest may continue on in the circle, while the other steps out.

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