May 24, 2011

Staff Spotlight: Alyssa!

Hometown: Everett, WA
School: WWU and majoring in Sociology

Loves: singing (and her campers love it when she sings them to bed at night!) community theatre, dancing (especially dancing like Willa Smith and most definitely at Dork Dances), the Turtleback unit (TB4LYFE), camp traditions, friends, co-counselors, Everett, RAINBOWS, seagulls :), Wapato cabin (WA-PA-TO-FO-SHO!), snacks (namely marshmallows & pretzels), roadtrips, and snuggling with her Rottweiler/Lab wonderpuppy, Griffin!

Spirit Animal: is currently on her quest (and although some may think she is a Meerkat, she does not feel a personal connection with this very resembling animal -but the seed's been planted now, and maybe the idea will grow on her!)

Camp history: will be Alyssa’s 12th year at Orkila! Was a camper (FOR-EV-ER), then a CIT (Pulju was her CIT director), was an ACC (old school OSI), a counselor, a unit director & now is coming back as a CIT director in summer 2011!

Special talents: can turn anything into a song, looks really great with a turtle shell on her back, and can make the perfect s'more!

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