May 20, 2011

Prepping for Camp in an Urban Setting: Match & Stack

While in the YMCA of Greater Seattle office downtown, KT and I have been feeling a tad anxious for Camp as these summer months approach us, and have come to the conclusion that we probably are not alone in this sentiment. Using the blog as an outlet, we have decided to put together a series of posts in which we will show you where camp can be found and enjoyed, as well as how to get properly prepared, in an urban setting, for summer 2011!

Matching and stacking is a beautiful thing.

Ever find yourself outside of camp, maybe while out with friends or at a family dinner, stacking plates...? matching forks...? cleaning up after yourself and your group instinctively...? Almost as if you've been... trained? :)

Us too.

Luckily, we have found it to generally be a very positive and widely accepted practice *especially among those in the mothering and waiting professions.

So matching and stacking is a task that we do at camp when we are finished eating a meal in the Lodge. We place all 'like' items together as tables and run them to their allocated areas to make clean up fast and efficient; it's basically an art form. This begins with serving platters being compiled, then forks, knifes, and spoons matched on their individually assigned plates, then garbage and recycle piled on theirs, cups stacked, and finally the stacking of everyone's plates and bowls.


-If a guest at a restaurant or home, please keep in mind that the rule of only two being up from the table at a time does NOT apply to staff, the host(s), and/or other guests

-Composting is very prominent in many areas, so be sure to keep composting materials separate from garbage and recycle

-yes, LIQUIDS can be poured back into mugs, but no soups, cereals or dressings...

-Do not bring dishes back into the dish room without prior consent from the owner of the space you are occupying

-Remember that dessert time, not match and stack time, is the slot available for getting energy out and belting songs cheers, or chants*

*All questions related to the appropriateness of songs, cheers or chants in urban settings and away from camp can be referred to our direct song and cheer hotline at 1-555-IMA-LIFR or we are available online at http://icantstopsingingcampsongs.itrocks/singatyurownrisk.duh).


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