May 3, 2011

Staff Spotlight: Hannah!

Hometown: Bainbridge Island
School: Western Washington University -Majoring in Acting and Playwriting!

Fun Fact: she's been to thirty different countries -including Russia, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Peru, Bolivia, Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Israel, Bolivia, Morocco, Ghana, Mauritius, South Africa & more!

Claims to Fame: Leading/singing Kumala Vista, her infectious laugh, her booming singing voice, her infinite encouraging & enormous energy, singing loudly & proudly, her awesome stage presence, &... did I mention that she's sings/performs? :)

Camp History: third year as a cabin counselor!

Loves: 1990’s NBA basketball, stand up comedy, tap dancing, singing, ultimate frisbee, hiking, photography, her funk band, travelling, cooking really good ethnic food, painting, anything potato: french fries, hasbrowns, breakfast potatoes, tater tots, sweet potato fries, sweet potato soup, baked potato. you name it!

Favorite camp game: wreckage!
Spirit Animal: (according to Turtleback campers) a camel!

Fun facts: Grandma had 12 toes & her uncle wrote "The Sound of Music"!

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