April 15, 2011

Check Her Out & Feel Inspired!

As she stood in front of the awe-inspired audience at the Partner’s with Youth Celebration and 134th Annual Meeting this Tuesday, Ally presented her thanks to the Y as well as a description of the incredible work she has been doing over at our Bellevue branch. Ally has been an active Y member for over ten years and has been going to Camp Orkila for eight! Over the last year, Ally and the volunteer coordinator at Bellevue, Nina Johnson, set up a Leave No Trace mentorship program in which they go hiking, visit different nature reserves, and facilitate outdoor education lessons and activities with youth. Ally had started a Leave No Trace program at her school the year before, and was able to see her goal through in expanding the program to younger kids in the community.

We are so proud of Ally's commitment, dedication and leadership in our community. She is a great example of a how a hard working and compassionate volunteer can really have a tremendous impact with the Y. We are simply stoked to have her at Orkila for summer 2011 as a cabin counselor! Thanks Ally -you rock!

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