April 19, 2011

Staff Spotlight: KT


Hometown: Seattle, WA

School: U of Washington

Spirit Animal: Jellies

Camp History (careful there’s a lot of it!): 1998 She began at Orkila with her school for the outdoor education program (for 2 yrs), she then was a Sahale in 2000, a Turtle, an LDI, CIT, an ACC (which is the old school version of OSI), a counselor (one year KT made a dinosaur costume & was Katie-a-saurus for an entire summer!), a unit director and is now going into her second summer as an assistant director! WOW! Can't stop, won't stop!

Loves: beach walks, low tides & burrito lunch!

Favorite Camp Song: “the Jellyfish Song”

*Did you know? That Mr. David Affolter was her trip leader on her canoe trip in Trek when she was a camper!?

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