April 1, 2011


With the sunlight breaking through the trees and the crisp spring air filling his lungs, Jordan Bright was hard at work this morning on our new Enchanted Forest campsite. And when I say hard at work, I mean his daily digging routine and ever-dedicated search for dragon remains. This early morning before dawn was no different for JB, until his shovel struck something unlike the typical Orcas dirt. Frantically digging in and around the unusual space Jordan continued to uncover the structure of an animal very well known to the island: an O. virginianus, or more commonly known as a white-tailed (or eastern) deer. EXCEPT, that this deer skeleton was unlike any ever seen before –stretching to twenty-five feet in height, this thirty-four foot long creature is the largest recorded deer in history! AND WE FOUND IT IN THE ENCHANTED FOREST! Come check it out if you’d like, the Outdoor Environmental Education staff will be giving tours of the site and discovered carcass the rest of the day! *Picture taken when the excitement really set in for Jordan this morning around 5:23am

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