April 26, 2011

Staff Spotlight: Maya!


Hometown: Eugene, OR –Ducktown USA!!

School: Colorado College

Spirit animal: She has begun her quest –some may say though that she is awfully reminiscent of a koala.

Sweet skills: She can Sahale stomp her way onto any campfire stage (So holla back ya'll!), She can assemble amazing Dork Dance costumes & her N*SYNC "Bye, Bye, Bye" (break out dance routine) are top of the line. Not to mention that her campfire song voice is as sweet as sugar!

Favorite camp song: “the Moose Song” –but 'Mama Maya' loves any songs with hand motions that her Sahales can all get into!

Loves: laughing, 'The Orchard', hiking, Sucia Island, camp veggie patties, learning, the Saturday Market, skits, HILLS, birthdays, “Angel from Montgomery”

Claims to fame: Sa-A Capella, her Duck pride, her Chilean accent & her incredible internship she had at the Whitehouse!

*Did you know? That Maya’s parents came to camp last summer to help judge the Sahales & Goode Glaciers in their first-ever egg drop!?

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