April 12, 2011

staff spotlight: Kristin!


Hometown: Georgia - Seattle - Cali (& Orcas, and Hawaii... and...)

School: U of Washington

Sweet skills: her avid enthusiasm for cartwheels is pretty significant, and she would tell you that she is very honored and fortunate that her professional path allows her to do them on a regular basis :)

Loves: being out in the sunshine & loves nothing more than a good campfire, whether it is an informal gathering on the beach or an all-out official skit-filled extravaganza! The smell of campfire is one of her favorite smells of all time (It's right up there with coffee!).

Spirit Animal: pterodactyl

Camp History: started with the Outdoor Environmental Education program in the spring of 2010, and found a home and a rhythm that she just can't get enough of!

*Did you know? She spent last winter in Hawaii harvesting Kona coffee, organic veggies, and living in a tree house!

Claims to fame: Birthday parades, loud noises, BiggySmalls, & her wonderful & exuberant cackle!

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