April 6, 2011


Recently Steve Miller - Facilities Director at Camp Orkila - talked about their newly created/renovated space (shown in the image on the right). Their previous two spaces are on the left, an old shed was the first office (on the top), followed by a converted mobile home (on the bottom). Steve and his crew are very excited about the new office and now to his tour/walkthrough…

Welcome to our new office, it’s fabulous! Located adjacent to the current maintenance shop, we converted what used to be outdoor covered storage into a new office. Originally, this space merely had a roof and a dirt floor. So what we did was took the existing roof and posts – filled them in, poured a concrete slab as the flooring, and insulated the entire structure. We also built in a kitchenette and a half bath.

For the walls, we contracted with an insulation service to spray in the insulation. We decided against traditional fiberglass due to the thin walls (2x4) and ceiling (2x6), and were able to meet code by virtue of the spray insulation. Also, it serves as a great moisture barrier, seals up air gaps, and acts as a structurally ridged framing element. We also ran electrical throughout the office space, which was done by Reed. He might be a familiar name, as during the summer he is the Boat Captain of the Kwahnice!

For the walls we didn’t use dry wall, and instead used OSB (oriented strand board). It’s a common substitute for plywood in the construction industry. Even after we painted it white, you can still see the wood fibers and that adds the sense of texture. When it came to the ceiling, again we didn’t use dry wall. Plus, we really wanted to bring the outside/outdoors in. To achieve this we used a metallic corrugated roofing material. When viewed in combination with the OSB walls, and the existing windows that look out from the main shop area – the visual effect is fantastic.

Coupled with the snazzy light fixtures (from Ikea) – which seem reminiscent of an old wharf or historic school house – the whole space seems to take on a retro flair and feel about it. And really, while the finished touches may appear fancy, it was all quite economical. The sink, for example, was $18 (also from Ikea). It’s unusual and very round, but it adds an air of a higher end finish while also being sturdy and strong.

That’s the general overview of the space! We are really happy with it, and already the insulation has been doing its job as the office is consistently warm (lacking the hot and cold spots of the previous office).

Thanks for letting us share our new office space with you!

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