April 8, 2011

Hone those creative talents!

So you want to be a t-shirt designer, huh?! I knew it! What better way to start then by submitting your designs to us? YES! I know! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for all these years!! We are going to be accepting t-shirt designs for the next month or so and give you the opportunity to maybe even have your design printed for sale in THE COUNTRY STORE!

Big news, I know. Maybe sit down, take a deep breath, let it sink in… and then get out your sketch pad/ipad/photoshop pad & creative cap on & brainstorm your favorite camp memory! Relive your goofiest camp skit through your pencil tip! Tell us a story of your mealtime traditions with your web graphics! Show us your pre-wreckage rituals via your favorite medium! Let us see your handiwork by emailing us your designs at ldenman@seattleymca.org -CANNOT WAIT to see your inspired minds at work!

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